Paperless Office trends from 2015

What do people think about "The Paperless Office"?

Well, here are some statistics that will not only give you some insight into what people think, but also whether or not they are right.

  • Only 17% work in a paper-free office.
  • 20% report that their consumption of paper is increasing.
  • 16% of organizations are seeking paper elimination...up from 9% in 2014.
  • 39% have a poor understanding of paper-free options.
  • 40% report that more than 50% of their invoices are now delivered electronically.
  • 40% of organizations deal with multi-channel content in an ad hoc way.
  • 59% or organizations who did go the "Paperless" route, achieved a payback in less than 12 months, from their paper-free projects.
  • 40% still use paper filing for "important stuff".

So, what do we learn from these statistics?

Well, for starters we see that there aren't enough workplaces "Going Paperless". With paper consumption numbers on the increase, it is evident that our general volume of work is increasing, and with a few misconceptions in the marketplace as to what is possible when exploring "The Paperless Office" as an option, it is to be expected that paper production volumes will be on the rise. 

We also see that those organizations that do decide to "Go Paperless" start to generate real savings with average Return on Investment periods sitting at around 12 months...thereafter we start to see real cost savings, improved efficiency and customer satisfaction, and an increased ability to be dynamic to the ever changing business climate.

So why are there so many misconceptions? That would have a lot to do with how quickly technology changes and what new technologies enable us to do. That, coupled with our inherent human resistance to change, especially in larger organizations where change is difficult, we sometimes have a "head in the sand" mentality that prevents us from seizing opportunities that technology present us with. 

Is "Paperless Office" possible? 

That is a definite yes! 

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