The Digital Age - Mobile Forms

In today's fast-paced Digital Age, how adaptable are you as an organization?

It's staggering to see how outdated the methods of so many companies are in how they collect, store and distribute information. For so many, the ability to service their customers is still reliant on manual, paper-based processes, as tedious, time-consuming, and risky as they are. 

The Radicati Group mobile statistics report shows that Mobile devices in use, including phones and tablets, will grow from over
9.5 billion in 2015 to over 14.8 billion by 2019. That is staggering that with a current world population of around 7.2 billion people, there are more mobile devices in use than there are people. With this as an indicator of where people are naturally going, how can we leverage this natural movement to drive better, quicker and more controlled results from our people and their processes.

FastForms from Paperless Software Solutions makes it easy to create and distribute mobile forms to teams and devices… and saves the world from paperwork, one customer at a time. No more need to capture and recapture data from paper-based forms into applications…with FastForms the information transfer process is automated and seamless.

Our customers use FastForms for checklists, surveys, inspections, audits, job reports, site reviews, trip logs, pre-project reports, project wrap ups, equipment checks, and so on.

FastForms not only reduces paper waste, it also improves data quality, integrity, and security. We also make it simple to collect and submit things that were complicated before — like photographs, audio recordings and bar codes. Our enterprise integrations and workflow features make it easy to automatically build workflows and communications rules that keep your team and your clients in the loop.

We capture everything through your mobile device, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of processing and organizing thousands of pieces of paper — this means a happier team and a healthier planet! 

Let's start thinking more progressively.

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