Is your business POPI Compliant?

There are a few essential questions you need to ask yourself when considering your POPI Compliance:

Implementing plans and solutions for complex legislation can be extremely onerous and as such need to be very carefully considered. Legislation like the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act requires businesses to evaluate processes, people and systems down to a level of granularity in order to minimize the potential for breaches, as well as ensure business and governance best practices.

  1. There are over 20 types of Records Management rules to comply with if you are processing personal information. Which of them create risks for your company? Have solutions been developed to resolve these before the expiry of the transitional period?
  2. Overall, there are more than 80 detailed requirements in POPI. Can you confidently summarise for your Board what regulatory risks these requirements will give rise to and what mitigating actions you have taken?
  3. The data protection legislation has been in place for decades in many countries where reputable companies are continuing to be named and shamed due to lack of granular control with processing. Are you confident that your solutions are targeting the processing of personal information with sufficient rigour and depth to avoid similar pitfalls?
  4. Are you confident that your employees and third parties that are processing personal information on your company's behalf understand their obligations and have the necessary systems, processes and support structures in place to ensure acceptable compliance is delivered at all times?

If you are unable to answer these questions with relative ease, then perhaps you should consider finding out a bit more about the potential risk POPI may pose to your company in the future.

We can assess any company within 6 weeks and provide the governing body with answers regarding their POPI compliance gaps, risks and rectification actions required.

We then have the POPI solutions that can be applied to resolve a company's biggest risks regarding the processing of personal information.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss ways in which our team can help your company with it's regulatory compliance challenges.

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